One of the most common symptoms during pregnancy


Dislocation of the symphysis pubis joint

There is an over diagnosis of symphysiolysis but really it doesn't matter

If you get to the point that cant walk, turn and you're in so much pain you cant function normally, it doesn't matter what its called

There's no cure for it but you can get a great relief and be able to do way more things in less pain 

you can decrease the pain drastically and also prevent it from worsening 

Our practitioners are certified to help by gently releasing all ligaments and muscles that are pulling on the hurting areas

they will add balance to your pelvic and uterus so you can be more comfortable

Balance will also prevent the pain from coming back or worsening

You will feel a great change right after the massage, this will continue to improve even more during the days after the treatment

Our practitioners will give you a few tips how to avoid losing your balance again 

You should consult one of our therapist as soon as the pain appears or from week 20

We recommend arriving again around week 28 when ligaments reach great stretch resulting in serious pain 

Can be done for pain after birth as well