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Spinning Babies® is offering a reformatted workshop to provide more hands-on practice!

This workshop will be two full days (18 hours!) with 15 techniques practiced to help people with comfort in pregnancy and ease in childbirth.
This new 2 day workshop offer 6 more hours of hands-on practice and is strongly recommended to people new to Spinning Babies® as well as those who have done a one-day workshop in the past.



In Balancing Birth, we will delve deeply into techniques for birth to help ease labor and bring the baby. By looking at the 5 bony levels of the pelvis (inlet, midpelvis, outlet and the two transitional levels), and delving deeply into the soft tissues of each of the five levels, we will understand exactly where the baby is and how to bring balance for birth. 



Equilibrio’s Balancing Pregnancy model is designed specifically for pregnancy. Through a very gentle approach, the uterus is balanced, providing the baby with ample space to move and choose his or her ideal position. We also do a lot of focused pelvic balancing which helps to ease the transition from pregnancy to birth and encourage an easier passage of baby into the world.