Balancing Pregnancy Course for Professionals

(chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, pelvic floor therapists)

The course is 168 hours completed in 28 meetings.

Course Dates: November 2020 - June 2021.

9:00-14:00 on Thursdays

Price: 14,000nis (1,500 discount for early-bird registration until March 1, 2020)

This course is an advanced course to learn how to help women before, after and during pregnancy.
You will receive helpful protocols for different symptoms and situations that many women suffer from around pregnancy.
Better and more accurate understating will give you the ability to help many women in a better way.

Symphysiolysis, sciatica, discomfort and pain during pregnancy and after, improving the baby’s positioning by helping balancing moms uterus and pelvic, breech/transverse baby, OP baby, twins, back and hip pain, leg pain, difficulty of walking, short breath and heartburn, lower abdominal pain, varicose veins, sleep difficulty and parasympathetic system.

(Professional Course)

1: Introductory, Healing Touch, Getting to Know each other, workbook handout, contract signing, one technique, bum jiggle

2: Pregnancy Muscular System and Changes: Soft Tissue Warm Up for Treatment and Deep Ligamental Release work: Paraspinals, Latissius Dorsi, Trapezius, Rhomboids

3: Pregnancy Discomforts: Lower back issues and musculoskeletal work: QL, PSOAS

4: Pregnancy Discomforts: Leg pain (TFL, Sartorius muscle, rectus femoris, vastus medialis, Hamstrings, Quads, Biceps Femoris tendon release. PLUS lower leg: gastrocnemius, soleus, extensor digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus, tibialis anterior)

5: Pregnancy Discomforts: Shoulder n the Musculoskeletal System: levatr scapulae, supraspinatus , teres major and teres minor, trapzius, detltoid, occipital ridge), iliolumbar ligament, ROM techniques for all

6: temporalis, masster, TMJ

7: Uterine Ligamentals System: Broad Ligament, Uterosacral Ligament (teach this again with standing sacral release in later class), Round Ligament

8: Advanced Uterine Ligamental System: Broad, U/S, Round

9/10: Releasing Pelvic Ligaments in Pregnancy: Inguinal, ST, Sacrospinus, pubic ramus work

11: External Interbal Work: Coccygeal muscles, ischiocavernosus muscle, OI release

12: Symphysiolysis/SPD: pelvic alignment, home technique, protocol for review of above work

13/14: Pelvic Imbalance &Pain Protocol (SI joint dysfunction, coccygeal disfunction, pelvic misalignment): Orthobiomoy with pelvic balance, SLR for spine alignment, Standing Sacral, Internal Work optional 4 classes .

15: Vericosities Protocol: round ligament _ distal, inguinal, herbs, SLR, leg circles

16: Fetal Positioning and how it Affects Pregnancy Discomforts

17: Late Pregnancy: engagement

18: Late Pregnancy: Diagnosing and Helping Balance for Rotation of an OP Baby

19: Breech Balancing Protocol Basic including 3 sisters of balance

20: Breech Balancing Protocol Advanced

21: What to do with a short cervix? (hello winternal and external internal work, FLI, SLR, etc)
What can we do with placenta previa vs marginal placenta?
What can we do with oligohydramnios and polyhydramnios?
Is it safe to do techniques with a nuchal cord?
Can techniques be done with Twins?

22: Dip the Hip for pelvic discomfort, Standing Sacral and Abdominal Release as a variation

23-28: optional internal work:
coccygeal muscle
levator ani muscles
Obturator Internus
Urogenital Diaphragm
ST Lig
SS Lig
Pubocervical lig
Coccygeal lig
Transverse Ligaments
Home Techniques (include way to tone the pelvic floor, transverse, AP diameter, pelvic clock)