The course is 100 hours completed in 20 meetings

Course Dates: APRIL 21`-JANUARY 22`


Registration Requirements: Must have participated in the 2 day workshop within the past 3 years. 

Certification: Advanced Doula Certificate by spinning babies

Price: 14,000

26 meetings



Assaf ha'rofe- school of physiotherapy


Equilibrio is an advanced training for Midwives, doula practitioners with experience or anyone working with women at birth

It provides doulas with a very deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology of birth, focusing on the soft tissues and bony structures at each level of the pelvis, and how this expands for the baby

We will focus on 5 main areas- Inlet, Outlet, Midpelvis and 2 intermediate areas 

A deep understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the birth in different areas will give you the ability to add balance to the specific area where the baby is at

This enables doulas to provide more specific skills in a birth that needs a bit of help, as well as add ease to any birth.

We will explore and better our understanding of birth patterns and baby’s rotations in the pelvis.  This gives doulas the tools to identify when to use the techniques we will learn. 

Advanced techniques provide a better and faster birth for the mom and baby.

Learn to identify and prevent different situations that can delay and interfere with the natural rhythm of the birth process.

Birth balancing for:

- PROM with no other signs

- O.P

- Post date pregnancy

- Birthing lying on your back

- Baby stuck in inlet

- Baby stuck in Midpelvis

- Ascynclyticism 

- Edema and/or rim at cervix

- Deep transverse arrest

- Baby at +2

- Minimizing tearing 

- Promoting natural birth retheme in hospital birth

- Promoting birth with epidural

- Easing pain when taking Pitocin 

- Easing vacuum birth

During pregnancy:

- 3 sisters of balance: advanced study

- Daily essentials exercise for mom for batter balance

- O.P during pregnancy


- A symmetrical birth pattern:

5 patterns that we will explore deeply and learn to identify without vaginal exams needed

- Helping baby decanting (PROM, post date...)

- Anatomy and physiology of the bony pelvic, soft tissue


- O.P at birth

- Femoral rotation

- Walchers- classic, froggy, cowgirl and in tub

- Baby at -2

- Opening the pelvic at birth

- Dip the hip

- Breech

- Twins

- Smart rest

- Pain during pregnancy

- Belly mapping


- Ascynclyticism

- Deep transverse arrest

- Baby at +1

- Shake the apple tree

- Lying on the side symmetrical/a symmetrical 

- Side lounging: on 6, with peanut, lying down


- Baby at +2

- Birthing stool

- Lounging 

- Hip rotation

- Femoral rotation

- O.P

- Symphysiolysis