Advanced techniques for pelvis and uterus balancing

For every woman. For better life quality.

Body massage and advanced techniques for pelvis and uterus balancing

For every woman. For better life quality.

A school of Pregnancy, Birth and Bodywork. For professionals who work with women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 


Equilibrio is an approach to life. It is a bodywork technique that focuses on gently releasing areas in the body that are tense. We largely focus on soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments and fascia. In addition, we use chiropractic, osteopathic, massage therapy and craniosacral approaches to gently balance the spine and pelvis. 


Licensed Midwife and Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer  

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Rachel is a licensed and certified midwife from MN, USA, practicing for many years in various settings of birth center and home birth practices. She has studied Spinning Babies for over 8 years and contributes to Spinning Babies’ educational materials and DVDs, as well as projects and curriculum development.


Rachel completed her BSN (and is currently completing her CNM), and has been privileged to teach Spinning Babies to midwives, doulas and physicians in Israel and around the world. She is currently developing a hospital-based research study on Spinning Babies. Rachel has also been a certified massage therapist for over 10 years, and a prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher.


She currently is working on completing her CNM in Israel and has a private practice for body work in Ein Karem, Jerusalem.​

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Emma Hemed - Course Coordinator


Rachel Shapiro - School President